Tution Enquiries

Please use the box below to contact me regarding language tutition or singing lessons.

At this Facebook link, you will find an introductory video plus recent informational posts. 

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Current Fees 2018/19

Please request details about face to face and online tuition fees using the message box above.

Opera Enquiries

Please use the box below to contact me directly regarding opera contracts and concerts.

Opera Management​

Christopher Broom

Athole Still International​

​Foresters Hall
25-27 Westow Street
SE19 3RY
Tel: (+44)20 8771 5271
Fax: (+44)20 8771 8172

Tuition Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your session last night and your follow up. It was great how you put ***** at ease and managed to point out things she could do whilst still making her feel positive about what she had done."


"I did take in how much ***** was understanding from the audio clip. We talked about it afterwards and she was really positive about her abilities for the first time. I love the positive feedback you give her. So often she is fed the fact that she is disadvantaged because we talk English at home. At last it's a positive that she's bilingual - yahoo! Thank you." (by email from the mother of a Spanish language student studying for Baccalauréat)